Spiritual Body

Spiritual Body

Spiritual Body

Date October 1, 2016 Author Scott

Our physical body is the focused manifestation of Spirit.  It is, however, only the very tip of the iceberg!  Our spiritual body extends out infinitely in all directions and is joined with all other spiritual bodies to form one Being.  We are somewhat familiar with the different expressions of the physical body, so let’s talk a few minutes about the spiritual body.

Surrounding your mental body is your spiritual body extending out approximately two feet from your physical body.  The spiritual body contains the unconscious mind or the subconscious.  It is the repository of accumulated knowledge.  Your spiritual body is linked to the spiritual body of everyone else and forms a collective unconscious.  It also contains the upper chakra centers.  There are seven main chakras on the core or physical body, one in the emotional body, one in the mental body and three in the spiritual body for a total of twelve chakras.

These centers are the doorways to your Higher Mind.  The heart chakra is located at the mid-point of your sternum on your front torso. It is here that energy moves into and out of your energy body.  Blockage patterns are released through the heart chakra. Thought patterns that tend to gravitate to and lodge in the heart chakra involve thoughts of being hurt or victimized. These thoughts can restrict the flow of energy through the heart and cause damage to the physical body as well as prevent the release of blockage patterns from the energy body.  Keeping the heart chakra clear and open allows for a steady energy flow and for the clearing of low frequency energy patterns.

Your spiritual body is in waveform.  It also has structure which ties directly into the physical body.  Layer upon layer of light fibers make up the innermost subtle bodies of the Astral, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies, which make up the Core Body.  These extend out to a distance of about two feet around the physical body.

Your energy extends out infinitely in all directions!  You are like a broadcasting station and embedded within the unique signal you send out is all of the information about you.  Everything you have done, every experience you have had in this lifetime and in all others is encoded within your energy signature.  You are an open book to anyone who cares to read it.  These imprints tell the story of your unfolding.  You are a creator and a thought form is created every time you engage a thought that elicits an emotional reaction.

Thoughts of love, gratitude and appreciation create high frequency, well balanced thought forms which move quickly and easily through your energy.  Thoughts of hate, jealousy and anger create low frequency, irregular forms which lodge in your energy and clog your energy pathways like cholesterol can lodge in your veins and arteries and restrict blood flow.  The accumulation of these blockage patterns are what creates karma and causes sickness.

Thought Forms

Just as you broadcast your energy pattern throughout the Universe, you also can receive transmissions.  Every time you think of someone, you separate their energy signature from those of others.  Your energies then merge and an exchange happens.  Thoughts are created in the mental body, while emotions are generated in the emotional body.  Thoughts that do not have an emotional connection create nothing and have little effect upon your energy. But thoughts that connect to the emotional body and bring forth an emotional response generate a complex configuration which has both shape and structure. These waveforms cluster along your energy pathways and affect your spiritual as well as your physical health. Depending upon the thoughts you are having at the time, the exchange may contain harmonious, pleasing thought forms towards a friend, or distorted, misshapen thought forms towards someone you dislike.

If you have a ‘special relationship’ with a person, you will also begin to help them release the blockages they have created.  This activity happens at a quantum level and is non-local. That means that distance is irrelevant.  You do not need to be physically near the person for this to happen.  A ‘special relationship’ involves anyone with whom you feel an emotion attachment, either positive or negative.  It is either someone who you value higher than others, such as a friend or a family member, or someone who you value less the others, like a criminal or an enemy.  In both cases, you will begin to release for them when you think of them.

Water Forms

In 1999 Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, published his book, Messages From Water.  In his book, he described his discoveries of how the structure of water is subtly altered when people focused thoughts, positive or negative, on water and then the water is flash-frozen to form water crystals.  As you can see from the slide, the results were dramatic. Since the body is made up of a large percentage of water (60%), he reasoned that negative or positive thought would also greatly affect the water in the body, thereby influencing the body.  Thought forms are real and affect everyone.

We are constantly trying to rid ourselves of low frequency thought forms.  This is accomplished consciously or unconsciously.  Conscious release can occur through exercise, meditation, or pray.  Unconscious release happens when we become ill or have an accident. In both instances, release is accomplished through the heart chakra.  High frequency thought forms travel out along the energy pathways and represent your accomplishments on your journey to perfection.