Date October 1, 2016 Author Scott

Now that you have had a tour of the energy body or your Spiritual Self.  It is time to talk about what we can do with this information.  Our drive and desire in this life is to evolve and develop as a soul as much as possible.  That means two things.  First it means to eliminate all low frequency thought forms and the resulting karmic patterns from our entire energy body and secondly, it means to raise our level of consciousness.

I will speak to the first point.  What we refer to as karma is the accumulation of low frequency thought forms which collect in our energy body over successive incarnations.  Most conventional methods for clearing, such as psychotherapy sessions, acupuncture, yoga and other forms of stress relief techniques all address the buildup of blockage patterns we have acquired in this lifetime.  They all fail, however, to penetrate and address the deeper patterns contained throughout the rest of our energy body.  These patterns remain essentially untouched and continue to reflect into and affect our current lives.

The work I do assists you in the complete clearing of low frequency thought patterns from the energy body.  When you contact me and give me permission to prepare an energy chart and an energy profile for you or your children, I connect to your unique energy signature.  I can find it by focusing upon your name or hearing your voice.  Once I have separated your or your children’s waveform out from everyone else’s, I am able to access the information I need to prepare the charts.  Although all information is available, I only use what I need to chart.  The information obtained allows me to determine background information about you, or your energetic profile.

Chances are that your heart chakra has some energy blockage. Over 99% of all people that I energy-chart have heart chakra blockage. With few exceptions, only young children through to the age of 6 to 7 years old are clear. At this age, the mental body can begin to create thought forms and low frequency energy fields will block the heart chakra. Extensive blockage can lead to heart disease. Faulty perception is always the source of blockage. Once the blockage is removed, it is important that it is not re-created through a current situation. One of the main perceptions that create heart blockage is that of being hurt or victimized by someone. This blockage will remain until you release all feelings of resentment, and forgive. Keeping the heart chakra open and clear is essential to continued spiritual growth!

Perceptual dominance pertains with your primary mode of experiencing the world. If you are a Feeler, chances are that you are a “mind” person. This means that you perceive the world predominately through the mental body, your intellect or your mind. Feelers often have the gift of vibrational discernment, when connecting to people and places. The challenge for a feeler is to connect to their heart or the emotional body, expressing their feelings. Nurturing your heart connection allows you to listen to your intuition to create inner balance and peace.

You are a Visionary if sight and imagination are your dominant perceptions. A visionary also views their life from a mental level, where vision is a major component. They understand things best when they can picture it and are visual learners. Artists are quite often visionaries. As their gift develops, they can often see auras and their Guides in the spiritual realm.

You are a Prophet if you display a balance of mental and emotional dominance. The prophet has a well-developed intuition as well as a developed mental view. Being strong in both heart and mind, the prophet is balanced in their dealings with the world. Prophets make excellent channels as their gift develops and are also able to intuit upcoming events, or to prophesize.

You are an Intuitive if you are heart centered. The intuitive deals with the world primarily at an intuitive, emotional level. The heart is your center and is where truth, healing and knowing reside. Intuitives are excellent healers. As their gift develops they often are able to communicate with the spiritual world telepathically.

All babies enter their lives with a very even distribution of energy along the chakras. They enjoy all of the perceptions equally. I call this configuration N/B (new beginning). If you have this gift, you are balanced in how you invest you energy; like a child. Everyone has all of the perceptual gifts, but some of us emphasize some areas more than others.


The level of consciousness is based upon a scale of 1 – 1000 developed by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. in his book Power vs. Force. Using the process of applied kinesiology, he was able to develop his “Map of Consciousness”, which subsequently can be used to establish the relative position of all human constructs both past and present. Much as white light is broken down into individual frequency bands in its spectrum, so too does the Map of Consciousness form levels with specific traits that shift in context according to the band in which they are located. Truth becomes relative to the level of consciousness within the field of consciousness. In other words, what appears to be true at a lower level of consciousness may no longer apply at a higher level.

The “higher truths” that most religions espouse become the overriding directional compass supplanting our own versions of what is true. According to Hawkins’ map, most major religions originated above the level of 500 or unconditional love, although man’s conscious and unconscious misinterpretations have altered them.  He classifies all lower level positions (below 200) as having a negative influence on the collective, whereby all points over the relative value of 200 have an overall positive influence.  The data he collected suggests that very few people move significantly in their level of consciousness from where they entered in this lifetime; on an average of only five points.  However, I believe that great gains can be made if one becomes involved in spiritual endeavors during their life.

Please keep in mind that the scale is a logarithmic progression, which means that the difference between 50 and 100 is not 50 points, but 10 to the power of 50 or 1 with 50 zeros!  Also, as the level of consciousness increases, so does its power as an attractor pattern. These strong attractor patterns at the upper portion of the scale literally pull humanity up in consciousness.  Hawkins states that it only takes a few people of higher consciousness to balance out masses of people who operate at a lower level of consciousness.  Humanity operates collectively now slightly higher than 200.