Date October 1, 2016 Author Scott

A major misalignment of an energy layer is what prevents the deeper patterns of karma from clearing.  Realigning the energy in that subtle body is something I can help with.  Once that is accomplished, the rest of the work you can do yourself.


Emotional Misalignment – Energy flows from one aural level to another. A misalignment in the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies will restrict the flow of energy and create blockage. A misalignment is a distortion or a warping in the energy field caused by prolonged adherence to faulty perception or by traumatic relationship experiences. Often, these misalignments are already present at birth. Trauma affects the emotional body and prolonged misperception affects the mental body. Removing blockages and re-aligning the subtle bodies, effectively alters perception. Otherwise, you are constantly running up against patterns already in place. What you observe in your life reflects your blockage, whether health problems or life problems. Correct perception should be your goal. All misperception is deviation from the principles of love.

Mental Misalignment – The mental body is where we store blockages created by judgments we have made concerning others. When you judge others, you misperceive who they are. Prolonged misperception can create a distortion or a warping in the mental body. This distortion does not allow energy to move freely between the subtle bodies. Restrictions reduce the amount of energy that is able to flow. A misalignment of the mental body affects the emotional body and the physical body.

Spiritual Misalignment – Spiritual body misalignment, as with spiritual blockage, is rare. It is formed when you have been involved in occult activity in this lifetime or previously. In particular, it is the result of inviting low frequency entities into your life for the purposes of power. A distortion or warping in your spiritual body is caused by this misdirection of spiritual energy. It restricts the flow of energy to the mental, emotional and physical bodies. You have probably brought it into this lifetime as a karmic pattern and have been carrying it for many lifetimes. Other things that can cause a spiritual misalignment to occur are infidelity in a relationship and consciously misleading people on a spiritual path.

Blockage in the spiritual body is rare and is always an indication that a spiritual entity has attached itself to your energy body. These attachments can range from a slight interaction to a full-fledged possession. Multiple personality disorders are examples of the latter. This is not allowed under spiritual law, but some entities choose this avenue for release as opposed to incarnating again into the physical. We are continually returning, because blockage can only be released in the physical. Inmates of prisons and asylums may hold many such attachments. Important to remember is that these entities are stuck at this plane of existence and are usually more than willing to carry on in their own evolution if they can be shown the way. You can become the bridge that helps them in their own spiritual progress.


If you are a unit, it means that your energy is merged with someone else’s, usually a partner. That happens in marriage or in a life partnership. When you commit to each other on a soul level your energies become one unit. If you are a unit with someone, we recommend that both of you are charted and have the major blockages removed. This is important, because as a unit, you progress or don’t progress together energetically. If one partner desires to grow spiritually and the other partner does not, one of two scenarios will take place. Either the one desiring growth will be releasing for both, doing all of the work, or the unit will break.

A unit is a soul contract and sometimes will not break even after partners separate. Your unit partner is, literally, your “soul mate”.  No unit means that your energy is not merged with anyone else’s presently and you can grow and develop independently from others. Sometimes a couple is married, but not a unit. This may be due to lack of commitment, adultery, poor emotional connection or is often the case in a second or third marriage. You can choose to become a unit by the renewing of your vows and your love for each other.

With Contracts, I check to see if you have any special obligations in place. Our souls are very compassionate and sometimes attach our energy to that of others to support them on their spiritual journey by releasing karmic patterns for them. Usually, these contracts are formed before we incarnate. That may often be the very reason that we do.  These contracts are often expressed in relationships with family members. Once you realize from the heart that every relationship is sacred, and you meet all life in love, there is no need for special relationships and you are able to resolve your contracts.


Beyond the spiritual body and extending out to a distance of approximately 50 feet is your Extended Light Body or Merkaba.  This segment of your energy body contains the low frequency thought patterns of your previous lifetimes as a human being.  Karma is the projection of low frequency thought patterns into your current lifetime.  You resolve karma by creating situations which bring these thought forms to the surface.  Failure to resolve the situation guarantees that we repeat it again.  Thought forms involving lack of love are resolved by acts of love.  The Extended Light Body interacts with the light bodies of those that come within its range.  If an emotional connection exists then a transfer of thought patterns can occur.  Association is an important factor when you are attempting to clear karmic patterns.  Your friends and relatives can help you as well as burden you with their karmic patterns.  Maintaining an open heart and mind will allow low frequency thought forms to dissipate without the necessity of creating challenging life situations.


Following the extended light body comes the Earth body which extends out to the size of the Earth.  Your Earth Body contains the karmic patterns you hold from all your lifetimes on Earth in a pre-human form, which include the Homo habilus and Homo erectus forms. Most patterns here involve issues that negate interconnectedness within the collective, such as murder, enslavement, warfare or the repression of the weak. These pre-human forms were prevalent on Earth for a much longer time than our Homo sapien form. You have had many lifetimes in these pre-historic bodies.  The release of karmic patterning in the Earth Body comes with the release of patterns of tribal conditioning. The realization that you belong to the collective called “humanity” and not to isolated clans, groups, countries or religions, allows you to release this low frequency blockage.

Solar System

The Solar System Body extends out from the Earth Body.  It encompasses our entire solar system and involves a different level of existence than what we have worked through so far. This level was a sentient, but not a corporal existence. We had no physical bodies, but took part in a collective mind. There were differences, but no separateness within the collective; there was only “we”. Separateness appeared to exist, however, in our perception of an external reality. Our karmic patterns at this level resulted from our desire to rule over and manipulate creation. Releasing in this energy layer involves the relinquishing of your desire to control and manipulate.


Surrounding the Solar System Body is the Galactic Body which encompasses the entire Milky Way galaxy and includes karmic patterns you have created in other solar systems than our own in this galaxy. Once again, we existed as mass consciousness. As with the Solar System Body, all karmic debt was incurred by everyone. Most of us have been involved in multiple Solar System existences. The issues of this layer were ones of the perceptions of lack, of not having enough, of insufficiency. This led to patterns of expansion, of hunger, of insatiability and of insignificance. One of 50 billion galaxies in the Universe, our collective chose to expand through diversification and projected itself into a multitude of solar systems and planets. These patterns still reside in the core of our collective unconscious. The release of these patterns is accomplished through the projection of abundance, of sufficiency, of adequacy and of empowerment.


Finally, we come to our Universal Body. Your Universal Body is, as you may have guessed, as large as the Universe. The collective mind encompasses all of the galaxies and space in the Universe. The universal collective mind embodies creativity itself. The karmic issues to be released involve assigning fate or destiny; assigning order and structure to energy and matter! Releasing these karmic patterns means realizing that we are all one!