Energy Charting

Energy Charting


Clearing the Core Energy Body is the first all-important step on your process of spiritual growth. This layer of your energy, extending out to about two feet around you, holds the patterns you have created in this lifetime, plus those karmic patterns you brought in with you to work on. To clear these blockages, your heart chakra must be open, your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies must be clear of blockage and aligned.

Beyond the Core Energy Body, is the Extended Light Body, or the Merchur. This level of your energy extends out to a radius of about fifty-five feet in all directions from your physical body. The Merchur holds all of the karmic patterns we have created in our previous lifetimes as a human on Earth. These patterns are reflected into your present life experiences, your physical well-being and your relationships and fears.

All karma is created due to your perception of separateness. This misperception is maintained and perpetuated in all aspects of your relationships. At a sub-atomic level, there are no objects, only patterns of relationships without distinct borders or divisions. This is also true at every level of existence. We see ourselves as separate and distinct from everything else. This creates patterns of separateness between what we perceive as “me” and “them” (or it). The release of these patterns in our energy layers ends separateness.

When you have released all of these karmic patterns in the Extended Light Body, you will then move into the next level of your energy body called the Earth Body.  Your Earth Body is that part of your energy that extends to the size of the Earth. It contains the karmic patterns you hold from all your lifetimes on Earth in a pre-human form, which include the Homo habilus and Homo erectus forms.

Most patterns here involve issues that negate interconnectedness within the collective, such as murder, enslavement, warfare and the repression of the weak. The perception of separation was not as pronounced then. These pre-human forms were prevalent on Earth for a much longer time than our Homo sapien form. You have had many lifetimes in these pre-historic bodies. The release of karmic patterning in the Earth Body comes with the release of patterns of tribal conditioning. The realization that you belong to the collective called “humanity” and not to isolated clans, groups, countries or religions, allows you to release this low frequency blockage. The clearing at this level is charted in the percentage of released blockage.

Having cleared this energy level, you can now move to the next level of your energy called the Solar System Body.  Clearing the Solar System Body involves a different level of existence than what we have worked through so far. This level of energy is as large as our solar system and was a sentient, but not a corporal existence. We had no physical bodies, but took part in a collective mind. Differences existed, but there was no separateness within the collective; there was only “we”. Separateness appeared to exist, however, in our perception of an external reality. Our karmic patterns at this level resulted from our desire to rule over and manipulate creation. Releasing in this energy layer involves the relinquishing of your desire to control and manipulate others.

Once you have cleared your Solar System Body, you begin to clear your Galactic Body.  The Galactic Body encompasses the entire Milky Way galaxy and includes karmic patterns you have created in other solar systems than our own in this galaxy. Once again, we existed as mass consciousness. As with the Solar System Body, all karmic debt was incurred by everyone. Most of us have been involved in multiple Solar System existences.

The issues of this layer were ones of the perceptions of lack; of not having enough; of insufficiency. This led to patterns of expansion; of hunger; of insatiability and of insignificance. One of 50 billion galaxies in the Universe, our collective chose to expand through diversification and projected itself into a multitude of solar systems and planets. These patterns still reside in the core of our collective unconscious. The release of these patterns is accomplished through the projection of abundance, of sufficiency, of adequacy and of empowerment.

Finally, we need to clear the karmic patterns in our Universal Body. The Universal Body is, as you may have guessed, as large as the Universe. The collective mind encompasses all of the galaxies and space in the Universe. The karmic issues to be released involve your relationship to God.  Releasing these karmic patterns means realizing that God is inherent in every part of the Universe and that it is all alive and conscious. We are all God!